Differences Between Commercial and Residential Roofing


Commercial and residential roofing may serve the same purpose but actually there are differences of these two types. Whether they will be contracting for commercial or residential project, Residential Roofing Los Alamos NM contractors usually would ask the kind of roofing you want them to do. The cost difference between a commercial and residential roofing have big difference.

The structural features of a commercial roofing is the first big difference from that of a residential roof. You can imagine the size or scope difference if you are installing the roof of a commercial building to that of a residential roofing. Commercial and residential roofings vary in their load requirements, fixtures and materials to use. Because of the materials involved, commercial roofs have a larger load-bearing need than residential. Installing commercial roofings requires more labours against the crew of a residential project naturally because of the scope of their respective jobs.

Residential roofings require less protrusions compared to that of a commercial roofing. Chimneys, skylights and few other protrusions are needed in a residential roofing, while commercial roofing have to consider more protrusions like the ventilation systems, pipes, smoke stacks, entrances to roof and mechanical needs of a commercial building. The construction specifications differ between commercial and residential vary based on the function.  For example, if the commercial building contains heavy machinery manufacturing, then the roofing materials must be strong enough to withstand heat emissions.  In comparison, the materials that will be decided to be used on a residential roof would rely on the personal preferences of the homeowners usually basing on the look, strength and maintenance of the material.

Both commercial and residential roofing require roofers’ knowledge and skills. Both roofers understand the different specifications of commercial and residential roofing. The size and aesthetic point of views, will determine the construction of both types of roofs even if they serve a common purpose of withstanding the climate in the area.¬†Because of the scope of the project between commercial and residential roofings, you will require different contractors also. A contributing factor to the cost of a commercial roofing project is the greater number of skilled workers to be hired.

Different types of contractors are available in the market. Generally, they all can execute your construction jobs whether it is a building or residential. Armed with years of experience and contacts in materials and labor supply, these Roofing Repair Rio Rancho NM contractors are qualified to build your roofing.

To get the best roofer, one of the ways to find one is through referrals. A good source of finding roofing contractors is through the internet. It is suggested, that when browsing through the internet, you check if the potential roofing contractor is insured and has a valid and active license.